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Emily Jaksch

At Generation Us we believe in empowering the next generation of purpose-led leaders and to achieve this we are on a mission to share the most inspiring stories and insights from leading entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and educators. All geared towards helping you power up in every aspect of your life. It's time to change the conversation.

Recent Episodes

JASON OLBOURNE - Former TV Producer, Citizen Journalist & CounsellorAugust 21, 2020 Episode artwork AARON SANSONI - International speaker who has inspired the lives of over 2 million people, in 42 countries from over 100 industriesAugust 19, 2020 Episode artwork MADELYN JONES & GALI BLACHER - Helping the homeless through The Good Box!August 17, 2020 Episode artwork NATASHA MARGARITIS - Former tv presenter, community engagement specialist, content creator, live show host and most recently a LinkedIn brand storytellerAugust 13, 2020 Episode artwork MIA KLITSAS - The reality of a business owner, how to stay challenged and motivated after 15 years in businessAugust 12, 2020 Episode artwork JAY JAY - The importance of social influence, 50,000,000 million views on YouTube & public speaking August 10, 2020 Episode artwork TIMA ELHAJJ - How you can grow your LinkedIn network to over 60,000 in under 18 monthsAugust 07, 2020 Episode artwork LUCY AND MEGAN - Founders of Big Sisterhood, inspiring young women to build self respect and pursue their dreamsAugust 05, 2020 Episode artwork TOBI SKOVRON - Cursed with ambition, afflicted with initiative, dammed by an unquenchable drive for success and more!August 03, 2020 Episode artwork CLAIRE CHANCELLOR - Helping women break FREE from their limitations and create life changing resultsJuly 31, 2020 Episode artwork HAYLEY WORLEY - Co-Founder of The Sheet SocietyJuly 28, 2020 Episode artwork DENISE FURNESS - Nutritional Genomics Practitioner, Medical Researcher, Author & Public SpeakerJuly 27, 2020 Episode artwork ALEXANDER NEWTON - Co-Founder of Navi Medical Technologies July 23, 2020 Episode artwork ANTHONY PONTE - Melba Fresh, growing a family business through challenging times July 22, 2020 Episode artwork BRAD GREENTREE - Helping people achieve personal empowerment through human performance technology July 20, 2020 Episode artwork RITCHIE - Co-Founder of Millennial DigitalJuly 17, 2020 Episode artwork DANIEL & TYSON - Co-founders of Arrive & Thrive July 15, 2020 Episode artwork LISA TEH - How to manage, build and succeed in multiple business ventures July 13, 2020 Episode artwork RENÉ BOLIER - Founder and CEO of OnRecruit, public speaker and industry leader July 09, 2020 Episode artwork VERONICA SARGEANT - Millennial's and HR Leadership July 04, 2020 Episode artwork NATHANIAL BIBBY - $400,000,000 in sales through LinkedInJuly 04, 2020 Episode artwork KIRSTEN AISBETT - Losing 30 kgs, ditching the 9-5 and becoming the best version of yourselfJune 24, 2020 Episode artwork ANDREW WETHERELL - CEO of Alto Education and Managing Director of the Melbourne Space Program's passion for unleashing potential in othersJune 21, 2020 Episode artwork FRED SCHEBESTA - Founder of finder.com.auJune 19, 2020 Episode artwork JAMIE RYDER - Entrepreneur, coach and public speakerJune 18, 2020 Episode artwork